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It is Taylor Swift's world, we're just living in it

Updated: Mar 5

We all grew up listening to Taylor Swift. In any and every crisis all we have ever had to do is put on our earphones and get lost in the world of her music. She’s been our love guru, life coach, mentor, and friend whenever however we needed her to be. Each song of hers helps us resonate in each phase of our lives, be it heartbreaks, transitions from puberty to adulthood or even becoming our girl bosses!

But what recently struck me was the song ‘August’, it got me whisked away on a journey of emotions between the themes of impermanence, nostalgia, and the rollercoaster of human existence.


The song is filled with the imagination of summer love, warm sunsets, laughter, and memories that pass by sooner than we realize. Taylor’s voice reminds us that life comes with an expiration date, a reality we all run away from. It comes harshly without a warning but also takes us into a reflective place on the beauty and fragility of the transient moments that shape our lives.

I can think of so many memories I wish I could relive, and August taps into the emotion so deeply that I am having trouble deciding which memory to daydream with first! She crafted a time machine for me every time I replay the song, it makes me long for the good old days, the time that slipped away, mirroring existentialist views that the past is like a kaleidoscope of emotions, eternally warped by our individuality.

Existentialism is all about finding meaning in a world that appears to be meaningless. And the song "August" nails the mark well. Swift's poignant lyrics address the desire for authenticity and meaning in transitory encounters. The protagonist of the song longs for a deeper, more meaningful relationship, prompting us to consider what matters. Are we content with superficial interactions or dare to pursue something more meaningful? Especially in today’s world, where clinging onto one relationship is a lot harder than getting into one. We all have our sets of expectations, ideas, and views about relationships.

Life can seem like a tremendous puzzle, right? It has its ups and downs, its joys and sorrows, its hope and despair. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, is no stranger to embracing inconsistencies. In the song, she depicts the bittersweet mix of emotions that comprise the human experience wonderfully. It's as if she's saying, "Hey, it's okay to feel an array of emotions all at once." It's what makes life so lovely and chaotic!" She’s made me sit down in a corner of my room and feel my emotions with the speedy life changes around me.

What did she remind you of when you heard the song for the first time?

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