• 01 May, 11:00 am – 30 May, 11:00 am
    Join Us in the journey to start, caring for ourselves! Head over to our Instagram page for more!
  • 15 May, 10:00 am – 19 Jun, 1:00 pm
    Google Meet
    This workshop will take a deep dive to help you slow down and cherish your life. It will be practical with multiple activities for an experiential learning process.
  • 29 Apr, 6:00 pm – 30 Apr, 8:00 pm
    Online Event
    Clinical Skills Workshop
  • 22 Apr, 7:00 pm – 23 Apr, 7:00 pm
    Google Meet
    Evening Sunset & Silent Reading!
  • 26 Feb, 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm IST
    Google Meet
    A lot of us find it difficult to deal with our romantic relationships and its ups and downs. As we enter the month of love, Room's brings you a workshop that will facilitate you in manoeuvring through your relationship and make it more fulfilling.
  • 01 Feb, 6:00 pm – 02 Feb, 8:00 pm
    Google Meet
    Equip with the nuances of eliciting case history. Administration of Mental Status Examination. Recording the Case History and MSE using appropriate terms.