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Join our Supervision program to learn and get peer-based supervision from the two schools of psychology where our therapists primarily approach clients- Humanism and Existentialism.

What to expect?

The supervisor will help the supervisee to:

  • Peer supervision and reflective analyses of transference and counter-transference

  • Improve the nuances of therapeutic relationships

  • Build on theoretical background in Humanistic and Existential schools of thought

  • Facilitate movement from feelings of being stuck


Frequency: Weekly 1 hour

Enrollment Fees: Rs. 800/hour + GST. Applicants have to pay before in order to register as a supervisee. It can be paid per session or cumulatively for a month. 


Requirements of Joining the Program:

  • Masters level Degree in Psychology (and related fields) 

  • Cases inflow

  • Basics and technicalities of being a therapist

  • Familiarity with theory and application of the Humanistic- Existential Model

  • Recordings/ Notes of the sessions (Format for notes/case discussions will be provided)

  • It is mandatory for the supervisee to be in therapy themselves.


Procedure for application: 

  1. Submit the application form 

  2. Participate in the Interview

  3. Finish the application process 

  4. Confirmation for the Supervision Program

For program-related queries, please reach out to Prapti Parikh -

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