Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Rajul Jagdish 

Psychotherapist | Word Artist | Sit-down Comedian


With formal training in Psychological Counseling and a dire interest in the field, I have been incredibly fortunate to learn from every soul, book, or research paper I have had the chance to interact with. Rogers has time and again mentioned how we humans are inherently good beings and I am in awe with how much we are capable of change and happiness.


Risha Bhattacharya

Psychotherapist | Graphologist | Artist 


Equipped with a Master’s (Sc) degree in Psychological Counselling, I approach psychotherapy with a humanistic and existential lens.


Prapti Parikh

Psychotherapist | Cat-lady 


As a mental health practitioner with a master’s degree in Psychological Counselling, I see the world from a cognitive lens.

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Srinidhi Vasudevan

Psychotherapist | Nature Lover | Animal Person  


Armed with an MPhil in Clinical Psychology, I am ready to help my clients fight, or make friends with the demons in their closets. Although I have training in rational emotive, cognitive, solution-focused, and psychodynamic approaches, I prefer to utilize the humanistic and existential schools of thought, while using techniques from the others, depending on the client.