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Bachelor's Training Program

[Note: This programme is designed for psychology graduate students who are enrolled in their bachelor's degree in psychology, or have completed their bachelor's degree as well.]

A comprehensive interactive training for students in their undergraduate psychology degree. 


It is an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in pursuing a Master’s in psychology.  

The internship is spread across 5 weeks. It involves practical and theoretical learning covering various topics in psychology/Mental health. Experienced and qualified psychotherapists conduct the internship. 


Undertaking the internship will provide the students with clarity about future career prospects and help them gain a clear understanding of themselves. 


The internship also deepens into counselling psychology and skills used in a therapeutic setting. 

Starting: July 1, 2024


Duration: 5 Week (45-50 hours) 

Enrollment Fees: Rs. 3540/trainee (Inclusive of GST)

Max Intake: 8 graduate students

Prerequisite to Joining the Program:

  • Enrollment or completion of a Bachelor's degree in Psychology or related fields

Components of the Program

  • Introduction to different fields in psychology: occupational, clinical, industrial, sports 

  • What is counseling psychology? Different approaches to counseling psychology. (Humanistic, REBT, CBT, psychotherapy)

  • Skills in counseling psychology: Attending, listening, empathy, positive regards, reflecting 

  • Developing Narrative of self: This will provide a better understanding of self and help in personal and professional development. 

  • Introduction to ICD

  • Case history intake 

  • Therapy Timeline: This module will guide the students through the process of therapy and what it should look like. 

  • Role play simulation 

Perks of Joining the Program:

  • A closer look into the Field of Psychology 

  • Developing a sense of self

  • A closer understanding of different fields in the Mental Health Field.

  • A teaser into practicing in the field of mental health

  • Access to practicing therapists and the resources of Room. 

  • Certification upon completion of the internship

Procedure for application: 

  1. Submit the application form 

  2. Finish the application process 

  3. Confirmation for the training Program

For program-related queries, please reach out to Shreya Pandey -

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