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About Us

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Room, The Mindcare Space is a mental health organization working towards making mental health care accessible and affordable to the mass. A team comprising 5 therapists who individually and as a group aim to incorporate extensive training, supervision, and research to better benefit the client in their mental health and educational journey. 

In the span of four years, we have helped close to 1000 individuals who come from various backgrounds requiring a different kind of help or attention, especially from marginalized communities.

We have partnered with various institutions and organizations in PAN India to provide Psychoeducational workshops and seminars. We have hosted individually and in collaboration with the organizations workshops and seminars to cater to over 1500 people and over 50 hours. 

Room has two goals: 

  • Giving mental health care where finances aren't a barrier to seeking help that they need

  • To make a mental-health-friendly community

A team of trained therapists will support you through your journey of getting in touch with yourself and knowing yourself better, which is the first step to healing. Our team strongly believes that the feelings of an individual should never be judged, which gives a space for the individual free of guilt and judgments, the most important element people look for while seeing a therapist. 

Most of the issues we face today are because of the events that have taken place in the past. The events which cause problems, if left unattended would cause other problems leading to various mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, etc.

These events show up in the present as symptoms, which makes it important to address the underlying cause of the symptoms.

Our trained therapists will provide you with unwavering support throughout your journey of healing.

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