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Crisis Management Workshop 

Room offers comprehensive training in crisis management to professionals and Master’s students in the field of psychology. This training is designed to get a deeper understanding of clients resorting to non-suicidal self-harm injuries and active crisis clients and how to efficiently manage it. The training programme will take you through a step-by-step process involved in directing a crisis call, undertaking this workshop will equip you with important skills that will require navigating a crisis call.

Happening on - 

Last Day to Register - March 11, 2024

Duration: 10 days 

Enrollment Fees: Rs. 2360/trainee

Prerequisite to Joining the Program: Enrollment or completion of a Master's degree in Psychology or related fields

Limited Slots Available!


Components of the Program: 

  • In-Depth understanding of what is crisis counselling and its protocols 

  • Identification of NSSI and Crisis 

  • Building therapeutic relationship 

  • Levels of crisis 

  • Crisis intervention plan 

  • Risk Assessment

  • Safety Planning 

  • Skills therapist will need 

  • Post-crisis intervention

  • Role-playing 

  • Real-life case discussions 

Perks of Joining the Program:

  • Basics and technicalities of managing active crisis and NSSI

  • Certificate upon completion of the program

  • Crisis management summary handout 


For training-related queries, please reach out to Nidhi Shah -

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