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Couples Therapy need of the Hour?

With the boom of dating apps and cultural, and social change we have noticed that an increasing number of individuals are getting married because they want to, not only because they are expected to. With a change from traditional gender roles, to the legalisation and acceptance of same-sex marriages, our definition of what a partnership looks like is ever-evolving.

Couple’s therapy is a form of psychotherapy, where a psychotherapist helps two individuals involved in a romantic relationship gain more insight, resolve conflicts, and improve relationship satisfaction with help of various interventions. Couple’s therapy is helpful at all stages of the relationship, irrespective of age, marital status, and sexual orientation. Subtypes of couples therapy also include premarital counselling and marriage counselling. The therapist plays the role of a moderator and facilitates growth through insight and behavioural change in relationships.

Couples therapy can allow you and your partner to resolve conflict and issues related to several aspects of the relationship. Some of these also include

  • Roles in the relationship - with the help of a therapist, the individuals can identify their role in the relationship and unhealthy dynamics that might be at play. It can also help in identifying differences in the expectation.

  • Beliefs and values - the couple have a safe space to discuss the beliefs and values they bring into the relationship and how that affects their relationship dynamic.

  • Quality time - therapy also provides a space for the couple to address issues that might be sabotaging the time they spend together.

  • Children and familial relationships - it's many times true that you don’t just marry an individual, you marry their whole family. The adjustment to becoming part of a completely different family can be quite stressful, especially when it comes to forming numerous new relationships. Issues arising from relationships with family members such as parents or siblings can be addressed in therapy. Another source of conflict can arise when the partners are not on the same page about whether or not they want children, how would they like to raise them, and what would the distribution of roles look like, as parents.

  • Sex and intimacy - therapy can provide a safe space to communicate your feelings and needs when facing intimacy concerns, and/or infidelity with your partner.

  • Health issues - physical and mental illnesses not only affect the individual suffering from them but also their family members, especially their spouses. They can be a significant source of stress in the relationship. With therapy, you are equipped with strategies and tools to help deal with those stressors.

Couple’s therapy helps partners understand each other better, improve their communication skills, strengthen friendship and attachment, identify and try to terminate dysfunctional behaviour, and learn skills to prevent and manage any conflict that may arise in the future.

If you and your partner are going through a difficult time, couple’s therapy can help you work and improve the relationship. It helps boost understanding, respect, and communication between you and your partner.

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