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Our Work

Room, The Mindcare Space is constantly trying to connect with people interested in collaborating with us in our pursuit of making mental health accessible and affordable. If you're interested in joining us, please feel free to explore the options and join us in our work. 

For Professionals

Open for: Graduates and Undergraduates

Room offers supervision to new practicing psychologists who are actively and independently taking clients in Existential and Humanistic Schools of thought. This service is open only to individuals who have completed their Master's and are practicing privately. 


For Students

Open for: Master's Students - Psychology

Room offers various programs for students of psychology, early practitioners, and practitioners who wish to brush up their skills. These programs are designed and aimed to enhance their journey in practice in the field. 

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For Corporates, educational institutions, and other organisations

Room offers outreach services to various Corporates, colleges, schools, and other social enterprises by carefully curating need-based services for the organisation to enhance the working environment. 

For outreach-related queries, please reach out to

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