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Book A Session

You just took the first step and we're super proud of you. This form requires general information about you that will help us understand in what capacity we can help you. 


It takes around 15-20 minutes to fill out the form. Please feel free to write to if you have queries. Once completed, your assigned therapist will reach out to you soon to schedule a therapy session.


Sponsor therapy for loved one, Friend, Parent

For most people, therapy is a transformative experience that allows them to gain insights, access support, and learn helpful strategies to reflect and navigate on their life difficulties and mental health issues. Unfortunately, many people who need mental health services are often not able to afford them.


Room, The Mindcare Space aims to provide quality, accessible yet affordable mental health services to all people in need. Financial donations from individuals and organizations help us to offer assistance to vulnerable individuals who find it difficult to access at standard therapy fees. These sessions are conducted by professionals associated with Room.


Ever since the COVID pandemic, the world is collectively going through unprecedented times. Unsurprisingly, there is an increase in demand for mental healthcare services, while financial revenues are unsteady. 


Help us to continue providing support to more people in need - no amount is small!


Donate or pay for therapy

We often rely on our community of families, friends, and loved ones to help us navigate difficult times in our lives. We often see our loved ones struggling and finding it difficult to cope even with our help. In such times, where a person may benefit from consulting a mental health professional, they are held back due to financial constraints. 


At ​Room, we get a lot of queries from individuals who want to enlist their loved ones into therapy and cover for their financial requirements. So, Room, The Mindcare Space has some good news for you! - we accept sponsorship for a client by their loved ones. 


There are many ways to support a person you love through a difficult time - paying for their therapy is one of them. You may choose to stay anonymous if you wish to - it is the action that matters!

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