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Campus Ambassador Program

College campuses are where great ideas are thought of and exchanged. We are looking for students who are passionate about psychology and mental health, and at the same time looking to test out their business skills. 

Campus Ambassador Program is where students get a chance to represent Room - The Mindcare Space, advocate for mental health and build a community. 


Role of the Campus Ambassador

  1. Represent Room on their campus, in college groups, and societies. 

  2. Promoting upcoming events, workshops, and other services 

  3. Starting a mental health community on campus. 


Perks of being a Campus Ambassador

  1. Get an opportunity to create a mental-health-friendly, inclusive community on campus. 

  2. Certificate of completion 

  3. Get access to Room’s resources, materials, and relevant information regarding mental health & mental health services.

  4. Access to upcoming events for free or at discounted fees.  


Procedure for application

  1. Submit the application form 

  2. Participate in the Interview

  3. Confirmation for the position of campus ambassador. 

For program-related queries, please reach out to Prapti Parikh -

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