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Learn to analyze handwriting in the 2 day live workshop

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Presented by Room The MindCare Space

Why you should join?

- Improve your analysis skills

- Add a new tool in your kit to understanding and having better insight into individuals.

- Get Certified and boost your career

- Learn from professionally trained teachers

This Workshop will cover

When and Where?

Date and Time

To be announced

Who is your trainer?

Risha Bhattacharya

Psychotherapist | Graphologist | Artist 

Risha is an experienced Graphologist who has trained many budding graphologists.

Is it Worth it?

You will pay - Rs. 3,000 only

- A guidebook worth Rs. 1500 (Free)
- A Signature Analysis Session worth Rs. 500 (Free)
- Access to Room's Private Group
- Two Live Sessions: 2 hours each (A one-hour session is Rs 1,000)
- Q/A Sessions (Priceless)