Morning Brew

Have you tried to take time out of your daily schedule to read and have been procrastinating since forever? We got you. Morning Brew is a virtual book club where we gather and dedicate one hour to silently read with others coming from different paths of life. 

Something magical happens with books and discussions and we want to rekindle your love for books. 

When: 1st December to 6th December 2021- 6 AM-7 AM IST

What to keep in mind - Rules:

We will engage in 6 days of daily reading. You can continue with the ready even after the hourly sessions are over. 

After each session, we have a check-in where participants can share how they are feeling about the book/the experience/ or just by themselves.

On the final day of the reading session, we have a detailed discussion about themes, ideas, and feelings derived from the book and the take-home message.

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Why does one join Book Clubs and why should you consider joining Morning Brew?

  • Rekindle your love and affection for reading.

  • Connect with new people.

  • Have a shared / collective sense of accountability for reading. The community you are a part of will also play the role of holding you accountable in the process.

  • Discuss your thoughts and reflections about what you are reading and understanding.

  • Use this as your push to add something important to your routine.

  • Be able to dedicate an hour every day to reading.

  • Feel connected and safe.

  • Use the safe space to unpack and understand literature.

  • Have a good time.

For any queries, please reach out to us at