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Training Program - Basic Counselling Skills

An interactive and reflective training program in basic counselling skills and techniques for novice and beginner therapists. 

The training program is spread across 1 month to learn and practice Basic Counselling Skills with your clients. During this duration, the trainees will be under constant supervision by experienced therapists.

Duration:  1 Month  

Enrollment Fees: Rs. 4720/trainee. Applicants can make payments in full or in two installments (at the time of registration and mid-training).

Max Intake: 4 graduate students

Prerequisite to Joining the Program:

  • Enrollment or completion of a Master's degree in Psychology or related fields

Components of the Program

  • Training in basic counselling skills for psychotherapy 

  • Understanding psychotherapy 

  • Understanding the ethics involved in therapeutic practices 

  • Role plays and simulation sessions

  • ability to form a healthy therapeutic relationship with clients. 

  • Develop a personal style and approach to psychotherapy 

  • Application and incorporation of counselling skills in the therapeutic context. 

Perks of Joining the Program:

  • Basics and technicalities of being a therapist

  • Certificate upon completion of the program

Procedure for application: 

  1. Submit the application form 

  2. Participate in the Interview call

  3. Finish the application process 

  4. Confirmation for the Training Program

For program-related queries, please reach out to Prapti Parikh -

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